Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Leader Effectiveness Training™ (L.E.T.™)

Leaders know that it takes more than technical ability and business savvy to be successful in today’s work environment. The ability to communicate and deal with conflicts effectively is equally if not more important.

Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) teaches a concrete, actionable set of tools and skills that reduce conflict in the workplace, increase time on task, and measurably reduce the costs of people problems

What you will learn

L.E.T. is an intensive, skill-based training that develops interpersonal communication and conflict resolution competencies in managers and supervisors. Through L.E.T. your organization’s leaders learn, practice, and understand when and how to apply a powerful set of tools that measurably influence their worker’s behaviors, habits, and beliefs. The result is a more productive, efficient, and fulfilling workplace.

Unlike other training programs, L.E.T. is based on pioneering research by Dr. Thomas Gordon, the founder of Gordon Training International (GTI), who created the foundational systems and tools that comprise L.E.T. The program was designed from the ground up to match the way human beings function, with an understanding of the psychological needs that drive people to behave the way they do.

Workshop description

All L.E.T. workshops are led by specially-trained and authorized L.E.T. trainers. Throughout the intensive program, leaders participate in skill building through lively presentations, role-plays, one-on-one coaching, small group discussions, and workbook exercises.

Making it happen for you and/or your organization

If you would like to discuss Leader Effectiveness Training, you are ready to attend an L.E.T. workshop, or you would like to arrange training for your organization, please contact DeVol Cohen Associates, Inc.